Services We Offer

Here are some of the services we offer. Want to know if we can handle your job? Just call!

Arc Flash Studies
Battery Cabinets
Cleaning & Lubing
Coordination Studies
Drilling Controls
Electrical Panels
Electrical Utility
Fault Studies
Fluid Processing
Industrial Controls

   PLC Programming & Servicing
   Power Coordination Study
   Power Maintenance
   Power Products
   Power Repair and Maintenance
   Record Current Readings
   System Start-Up
   Thermal Scanning
   Water Treatment Plants
   Wastewater Treatment Plants

OCS is a Certified ABB DASC Program Drive Start-Up and Service Company.

OCS is a Hitachi Energy Factory Certified Service Company.

Drafting Not only do we build projects from drawings provided by our clients, we also have a drafting department able to provide drawings for you. All we need are your specifications, and any required parts or qualifications.

We use the latest version in AutoCAD for all your drafting needs. We do layouts, schematics and 3D renderings. We'll provide whatever your job needs to give you the most complete and well organized drawings. We can also print any size and will bind them into a book for you.

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Fluid Processing OCS also now offers the service of Fluid Processing. This includes removing water and gases from transformer oil, or other transformer fluids. We can either process the fluid for you, or you can rent a processor to use yourself.

The machines are designed for online processing, with a flow rate of 600 liters an hour.

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Power Maintenance OCS provides annual substation maintenance for many smaller utilities. We service tap changers, breakers (oil, vacuum, SF6), regulators, transformers, medium voltage starters, battery banks, reclosers and charges. For equipment that cannot be field serviced, we can bring it into our shop and repair it.

OCS also services high amperage (above 10000 amp) power supplies and high voltage (25000 volt and up) power supplies.

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Repair We repair
 • Circuit Breakers
 • Controllers
 • Diode Banks
 • Drives
 • Reactors
 • Rectifier Banks
 • Regulators
 • Transformers
and more.

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Retrofitting  • Older equipment with newer models of controls.
 • Old oil dashpot breaker trips with new solid state trips.
 • Saturable core reactor controls with newer Thysristor (SCR) controls.
 • Discrete recloser controls with modern digital controls.
 • Electromechanical relay controls with solid state digital controls.
 • Air starters with vacuum contactors.

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Testing Types of Testing We Perform or Assist In:
 • New equipment acceptance testing.
 • Maintenance equipment testing.
 • Common tests.
 • Primary current breaker injection.
 • 3 point falling potential on grounds.
 • High potential insulation (HI-Pot).
 • Polarization index (PI).
 • Transformer turns ratio (TTR).
 • Contact resistance.
 • Transformer winding resistance.
 • Ground fault systems.
 • Breaker ground faults.
 • Infrared camera surveys.
 • Protective relay testing and calibration.

Some Benefits of Testing:
 • Required for some insurance policies.
 • Find potential problems before they start.
 • Prevents downtime in your business.

After scanning a few business days, we'll send a full report complete with pictures of the findings, including suggested repairs.

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Thermal Scanning In sending a trained technician to follow a provided guide, we scan your electrical power systems for "Hot Spots" where connections need to be serviced.

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Troubleshooting We troubleshoot
 • Drives
 • Electrical Systems
 • PLC Programs
 • Power Supplies
 • Regulators
 • Starters
 • Switchgear
 • VFDs
and more.

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