• Circuit Breakers

    Download   Circuit-Switchers Mark II and Mark III Shunt-Trip Device 719-9
    Download   Circuit-Switchers Mark II Vertical-Break Style Static and Dynamic Loading Specifications 34.5 Kv through 161 Kv 1200 Amperes One through Three Gaps 716-4
    Download   Circuit-Switchers Mark III Vertical-Break Style 34.5 Kv through 161 Kv 1200 Amperes One Two and Three Gaps 719-11

    Download   Fault Indicators Electostatic Reset Type ERL and ERL-S 320-13
    Download   Fusing Equipment Bay-O-Net Fuse Assembly Drip Guard 240-41
    Download   Fusing Equipment High Ampere Overload Bay-O-Net Fuse Link 240-49

    Download   Fusing Equipment Isolation Link 240-47
    Download   Fusing Equipment K-Limiter High Ampere Companion Fuse 240-64A
    Download   Fusing Equipment Q-Fuse Replacement 240-69


    Download   Fusing Equipment Sidewall-Mounted and Cover-Mounted Bay-O-Net Assembly 240-40
    Download   Fusing Equipment SX-Limiter Full-Range Submersible Current-Limiting Fuse 240-81
    Download   Fusing Equipment X-Limiter Full-Range Current-Limiting Fuse 240-56

    Download   Fusing Equipment X-Limiter Hinge-Mount Current-Limiting Fuse 240-84
    Download   Instructions for Filling Oil-Circuit Breaker Tanks with Insulating Oil and for Handling Filtering and Testing the Oil IN-266
    Download   Instructions for Maintaining Insulation Value of Bakelite and Similar Parts of Oil Circuit Breakers IN-576

    Download   OEM Equipment Under-Oil Arrester Disconnector 800-51
    Download   Oil Circuit Breaker Insulating Oil and Oil Handling PTI S-266
    Download   Oil Circuit Breaker Type CF PTI S-708


    Download   Operating Mechanism Type P-24A Pneumatic RP-2251
    Download   Operating Mechanism Type P-24B Pneumatic IB-2254
    Download   Pacific Electric Type JE-42 Oil Circuit Breaker with Type CJ Interrupters IN-616

    Download   Pacific Electric Type MH-2 Motor Operating Mechanism for Oil Circuit Breakers IN-595
    Download   Power Circuit Breakers Type VAC 15.5 kv S290-10-1
    Download   Surge Arresters Arrester Fuse Cutout Combinations 235-25

    Download   Surge Arresters Secondary Arresters and Protective Gaps 235-10
    Download   Surge Arresters Storm Trapper HSE High Energy Service Enterance MOV Surge Arrester 235-17
    Download   Surge Arresters Strom Trapper High Energy Low Voltage Distribution Class MOV Surge Arrester 235-16


    Download   Surge Arresters UltraSIL Housed VariSTAR Heavy Duty 10kA and Normal Duty 5kA Distribution Class MOV Surge Arresters 235-35
    Download   Surge Arresters VariGAP Type AZL Heavy Duty Distribution Class Gapped MOV Arrester 235-40
    Download   Surge Arresters VariGAP Type AZS Normal Duty Distribution Class Gapped MOV Arrester 235-43

    Download   Surge Arresters VariSTAR Type AZS Normal Duty Distribution Class MOV Arrester 235-73
    Download   Surge Arresters VariSTAR Type AZU Heavy-Duty Distribution Class Under-Oil MOV Arrester 235-64
    Download   Trend-Line Circuit Breakers Subtransmission Class Type-KS IM-2414

    Download   Trend-Line Power Circuit Breakers Subtransmission Class IB-2325C
    Download   Trend-Line Power Circuit Breakers Type KS Subtransmission Class RP-2325.1
    Download   Type CF Subtransmission Oil Circuit Breakers 7214


    Download   Type OA-3 Hydraulic Operator Trip Mechanism PTI S-707-S1


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