• Transformers

    Download   Bushing Current Transformers Type OE PTI S-585
    Download   Bushing-Type Current Transformers Type BR and BM IB-2400-A
    Download   Bushing-Type Current Transformers Used in Pacific Oil Circuit Breakers IN-585

    Download   Gaskets Rubber-Cork-Chloroprene PTI 144-6
    Download   Hydraulic Operating Mechanism Type OA-3 PTI S-707
    Download   Insulating Oil PTI 210-1

    Download   Liquid-Immersed Transformer PTI 161-6
    Download   Magnetic Liquid-Level Indicator PTI 166-2
    Download   Manual Operating Mechanism for De-Energized No-Load Operation Tap Changers PTI 199-1


    Download   Mechanical Pressure-Relief Device PTI 220
    Download   Moving Large Transformers PTI 205
    Download   Oil Preservation System Sealed Tank PTI 138-5

    Download   Pressure Bleeder Device PTI 197-1
    Download   Pressure-Vacuum Gages PTI 180-3
    Download   Removing and Replacing Welded-On Tank Covers and Sections PTI 213

    Download   Type 550 Load Tap Changing Mechanism P.T.I.-195-1
    Download   Vacuum Filling Oil-Immersed Transformers and Regulators with Type 550 and Type 550B LTC PTI 198-1
    Download   Voltage Regulating Apparatus VR-32 Regulator with CL-2 or CL2A Control Auxiliary Current Transformer No. 1501 S225-10-1


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