• Circuit Breakers

    Download   230 KV and 115 KV Pacific Oerlikon Oil Circuit Breakers 64008-054-1
    Download   500 KV Breaker Resistor Times 6410-000-1
    Download   Allowable Closing Tolerances of 500-KV PCBs Category I 6410-ALL-3

    Download   Buzzing Procedures 64084-ALL-1
    Download   Combustible Gases in Oil Circuit Breakers 6409-000-1
    Download   Complete Service Federal Pacific Type RHE-84 OCB with an OA-4 Operating Mechanism 6401-023-1

    Download   Complete Service Westinghouse Type 2300-SF 230-KV Power Circuit Breakers 6421-108-1
    Download   Connection Diagram Schematic 991B337
    Download   Co-ordination Chart for Kearney Type 200 Fuse Links


    Download   Crankcase Oil for Worthington Air Compressors in ACB Duty 6418-000-1
    Download   Digitrip RMS and Digitrip OPTIM Trip Units Used with Series C R-Frame Circuit Breakers I.L. 29C713B
    Download   General Instructions for Proper Handling Installation Operation and Maintenance of Deadfront Distribution Switchboards Rated 600 Volts or Less PB 2.1-1986

    Download   Gould Shawmut Fuse Blocks Power Distribution Blocks Taylor Wiring Duct
    Download   Identification of Trip Coils on Allis-Chalmers OCB 6408-001-1
    Download   IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating Current Power Circuits IEEE Std C62.11-1993

    Download   Inspection and Testing
    Download   Installation Instructions for RD RDC RW RWC CRD CRDC Circuit Breakers and R-Frame Series C Molded Case Switches I.L. 29C107H
    Download   Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers Types DS-206 DS-206S DSL-206 DS-416 DS-416S DSL-416 DS-420 DS-632 DS-840 6030-2


    Download   Magne-Blast Circuit Breaker
    Download   Metal-Enclosed Low-Voltage Power-Circuit Switchgear IB-7.2.7-1
    Download   Model CRD-100X2 Digital Contact Resistance Test Set

    Download   NEMA Deadfron Distribution Switchboards PB 2-1978
    Download   Organic Insulating Materials in Air Circuit Breakers 6426-1
    Download   Power-Zone Load Interrupter Switch SU-6140

    Download   Resistors Class 6703 6705
    Download   Resistors Class 6715
    Download   S and C Load Interrupters Alduti Type Indoor Three Pole Heavy Duty Style 769.7


    Download   SBE-3PB Fuse Block
    Download   Series C Molded Case Circuit Breakers F-Frame 10-225 Amperes 29-120F
    Download   Series C Molded Case Circuit Breakers J-Frame 70-250 Amperes 29-120J

    Download   Tab-Weld Plate Resistor Class 6715
    Download   Tank Lifters for Frame Mounted Oil Circuit Breakers 6409-000-1
    Download   Testing Insulation on 2.3 Kv to 15 Kv DH and CA Air Circuit Breakers 10-17-56

    Download   VACARC Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type VAD 6080-1
    Download   Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type VAD3 6055-11
    Download   VISI VAC Medium Voltage Circuit Interrupter


    Download   28 ITE K-225-600-1600-2000


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