• Transformers

    Download   American National Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Instrument Transformers ANSI C57.13.2-1986
    Download   An American National Standard IEEE Standard Test Code for Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers ANSI IEEE C57.12.91-1979
    Download   Dry-Type Transformers 9100

    Download   High Voltage Dry Type Cast Coil Transformers 2000-2100
    Download   Insulation Resistance Conversion Factors
    Download   Liquid Immersed Transformer 9300

    Download   Multi-Ratio Type Current Transformers 48-060-75
    Download   Power-Cast Transformers Class 7300
    Download   Transformer Core and Coils Type SL 48-060-2A


    Download   Type SBE Industrial Control Transformer 5800


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