• Controllers

    Download   4-Channel Digital-to-Analog Converter Module Cat. No. NL-751-H 15726
    Download   Application Data 8700 Westinghouse Adjustable Frequency Controllers ADB700
    Download   Darlington Transistor Modules 100 Amperes 450 1000 Volts

    Download   Digital-to-Analog Output Module Cat. No. NL-750 15655
    Download   DS Power Modules
    Download   HPPC Modbus Users Guide

    Download   IQ Data Plus II Line Metering and Protection System Users Manual TD 17271A
    Download   IQ-1000
    Download   IQ-2000 Motor Command System Users Manual TD 11-720-B


    Download   Isolated Power Modules Data Book
    Download   Numalink A Lotus 1-2-3 Symphony Interface to Numa-Logic PLCs
    Download   NumaLogic HPPC-1500 1700 APL Programming Manual

    Download   NumaLogic HPPC-1500 1700 Systems Manual
    Download   NumaLogic HPPC-1500 1700 Systems Manual Supplement
    Download   Numa-Logic PC-100 110 Systems Manual

    Download   Numa-Logic PC-700 -900 -1100 APL Programming Manual
    Download   SP798-41 Basic Interpreter
    Download   Westinghouse IQ DP-4000 8170


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